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9 Signs that You Are an Excellent Lover


When it comes to bed, every man tries to show everything he is capable of because a flattering evaluation of a girl after sex is of great importance. Most guys want to be not just average lovers, but strive to be the best. They approach sex not from the point of view of amateurs, but from the point of view of professionals, paying attention to every detail. But how do you know that you are really good? There are some very obvious signs from Russian dating site that say that you are a real sex machine.

  1. You are always interested in what a girl wants

Girls say that they feel more relaxed with partners who are interested in their desires and preferences. So, talk to a girl about what positions she likes, what she wants to try with you and whether she likes toys you use. Her opinion is always important because what is good for one is unacceptable for another.

  1. You are in a good shape

Do you prefer to have sex with a fat girl or with someone who takes care of oneself, goes to the gym and eats healthy food? The question is rhetorical, but you must demand from oneself the same thing as from your girlfriends – a good physical form. A strong body not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also gives bonus points in sex when you need to take a girlfriend in your arms or participate in a long sex marathon. A strong body looks the best in all situations.

  1. You know the female anatomy

You know her body, how to treat it, and how to excite your girlfriend. For example, you have an understanding that her breast should be caressed in a certain way and so on. Also, it is necessary to change positions and choose the one that can help her to reach orgasm. You have to study all the erogenous zones of your girl to excite her.

  1. You don’t compare her with others

A good lover comes to each girl individually and doesn’t think that those things that worked the last time may work again. Each girl has her own erogenous zones and each girl has her own preferences for sex, which sometimes are diametrically opposed. So, find out what she likes before using your arsenal.

  1. You ask questions

But you do it not during sex: it looks wretched, believe me. Imagine that you are on her and every 10 seconds: “Baby, have you finished? Do you like it? Do you feel good? Need I kiss you now?” Either virgins or idiots do so. After sex, talk to her about what she likes and what is not particularly impressed. Questions and her answers on them will make your next time unforgettable.

  1. You understand the language of her body

You see that some touches cause her body to tremble and wriggle and certain actions have no special effect. Analyze it and do everything so that she wants to be in your hands more than once.

  1. You give her response reaction

A girl also wants to know what you like and what is not particularly impressive, so be ready to give response reaction. Don’t be shy and be honest because working on mistakes together, you can make sex much better.

  1. You don’t pretend a porn star

Everything that happens on the screen is done by professionals. When you watch porn, it looks funny, exciting but still, it is fun. Nobody has sex with couriers and cleaners in the swimming pools as soon as they just enter the house. So, the manners of porn actors should be left on the screen.

  1. You enjoy every moment

Sex that lasts 2 hours will not give your girlfriend pleasure. But sincerity, expression, and dedication will be appreciated. In a lover, a woman sees not only a sexual partner, but also a caring friend who will give her love, affection, and warmth. Dating only for sex doesn’t satisfy the psychological needs of women. So, do your best every time you have sex so that a girl understands how desirable and sexy she is.