Luna Corazon – Hot Ebony Teen Pornstar

Luna Corazon – Hot Ebony Teen Pornstar

Luna Corazon is a hot pornstar who likes to push the limits. She loves to delve into different roles, and she feels as though porn helps her to bring joy to people. Luna believes that her selling point is the fact that she can sell porn as being real and that she engages with her fans as much as possible. This has helped the star to establish a bigger connection and it has also helped her to become the star she is today.

Luna’s favourite position is missionary in every instance as she loves to watch her partner in the eyes as they have intercourse. One thing you need to know about Luna is that she is a fiery one and she will do everything possible to achieve that explosive orgasm that she is known for. If you want to find out more about her, or the work that she has done over the years then you can find her hottest scenes below including Luna’s popular VR porn scene.


A Tasty Dish – Luna Corazon

To say that Luna is a catch, would be an understatement. She has a real sense of humour, and she is also smoking hot. When you get home from work, you go into the kitchen, and you see her doing some of the washing up.

You think about helping her, but why would you? She wants to play, and she starts stripping off her clothes. Her hands may be wet from the washing up, but now it seems her pussy is dripping as well. You humour her by chasing her around the room a little as she reveals her silky-smooth skin and super tight pussy.  Luna’s tits are nice and perky, and you just can’t wait to eat her out. You don’t even have a chance to think about what position you want to pound her in, because she bends over and makes the decision for you. She is always willing to push the limits when it comes to intercourse and it’s not hard to see why.

She’s a fiery one who loves to take control, and when she does, it usually ends in a mind-blowing climax for everyone involved. Your relationship with Luna may well be monogamous but at the end of the day, which doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.

Browsing for Housing – Luna Corazon

You have just been given a sum of money because you made some solid investments. Now you have decided that it is time for you to start climbing the property ladder. You arrange a viewing so you can check out a renovated loft in the local area, but after a bit of waiting, you come to the conclusion that your estate agent is late.

When you do finally arrive at the loft, it turns out that it is a huge mess. The place is a dump, and after questioning Luna, you come to the conclusion that she has been using it as her own bed and breakfast. With no effort made to cover her tracks, you start to question why she has ruined the place. She confesses that she loves to masturbate on the kitchen counter and that when she gets horny, she just can’t help herself.

You soon get an idea of where things are going from here, and you decide that you want a slice of the pie. You’re going to make her pay for what she did to the property, in every way you think possible. Grab your VR headset because this is one of the best VR porn scenes out there.

OYA – Parody – Luna Corazon

Oya has been a very naughty girl this semester and she has caused a lot of trouble. Not only has the young girl been messing with the fire alarms to the point where you have had to turn them off, but she has also been making your life very difficult.

You know that the fire marshal won’t be pleased when he finds out that the sprinklers have been turned off, but you can’t do anything else about it. The girl is a handful and you’re about to make her pay for it. Nut her until you can nut, no more. She’s ready to take it in the pussy as hard as you can give it, and she’s more than willing to admit that she needs a good punishing.